Artist Profile

Born and raised in Melbourne, Melisa Savickas was raised in a home that had respect and time for all things creative. Her love for artistic pursuits led her to a Visual Arts Education degree, where Photography quickly became her focus. Melisa has a micro business in Photography and creates artworks exploring the medium using traditional and digital techniques and software.

Melisa’s artistic photography explores the inner workings of her mind and often contains imagery that has layers of meaning and some extremely close viewpoints. She loves detail and creates photographic artworks that contain unexpected elements and are developed from multiple images or are altered to emphasise mood or meaning. Her portraiture work is about mood and individual situations, creating striking artworks.

Melisa also works in acrylic painting and photographic jewellery design, which are both a significant focus. Her work is interpreted in her photographic artist viewpoint. Her work often examines the forms of nature and responds with a perspective of her own. Her photographic art jewellery contains imagery specifically captured, processed and created for wearing on the body, with a story at the centre of each piece.

One recurring theme for Melisa is the spectacular designs found in nature, and specifically in plant life. Macro photography and multi layered digital art is a major focus of her current work. Her extensive international travels have provided her with imagery and experiences that are a constant companion in her artistic journey. Her Lithuanian heritage provides another strong artistic thread in her consciousness.

Memberships, Exhibitions and Collections

Melisa is an active member of the women's artist group TAM (@thouartmum), exhibiting with them regularly.

She has exhibited in many group shows in recent years, with artworks in around 5 exhibitions a year.

Her work is held in Private Collections in South America, the USA, Canada and Australia.